fiction: a dream come true

I haven't slept for days and I'm terrified of falling asleep tonight. It's my 30th birthday and tonight my dreams, whatever they happen to be, will come true. And I know they will be bad. My friend Maggie dreamt her daughter to death. She woke up screaming to find her baby lying on the bedroom … Continue reading fiction: a dream come true

Gini Koch’s Writing Wisdom

One of the best parts of SDSU's Writers' Conference 2015 was meeting Gini Koch. She was exuberant and fun (anyone who wears a pink sequinned cowboy hat to a conference has to be fun!) and very generous with her time and advice. Here's some of her killer lines on writing: 1. There is no one right way. … Continue reading Gini Koch’s Writing Wisdom

Jonathan Maberry’s Writing Maxims

Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best selling, multi award winning novelist. He is also an editor, comic book writer, playwright, writing teacher and lecturer. Yet somehow, he managed to find time to present at the SDSU Writers' Conference last weekend. He was very entertaining and offered really useful advice. Here are my top 10 … Continue reading Jonathan Maberry’s Writing Maxims

Jargon is Jibberish: Alan Alda’s 10 Commandments of Science Communication

I'm going to take a break from science this week to talk about writing and communication because I was lucky enough to hear Alan Alda's thoughts on science communication at UCSD. Alan Alda, of course, was Hawkeye in M*A*S*H, but has since written, directed and starred in many other productions. He also, more to the … Continue reading Jargon is Jibberish: Alan Alda’s 10 Commandments of Science Communication