fiction: a dream come true

I haven't slept for days and I'm terrified of falling asleep tonight. It's my 30th birthday and tonight my dreams, whatever they happen to be, will come true. And I know they will be bad. My friend Maggie dreamt her daughter to death. She woke up screaming to find her baby lying on the bedroom … Continue reading fiction: a dream come true

fiction: a matter of time

It was a matter of days now, the astronomers said. ¬†We were on track to pass by Comet Swift-Tuttle but this year there would be no celestial side-stepping and spectacular Perseid meteor shower, no, this year a meteor fragment would hit Earth. Where would it hit? The question reverberated around the world, whispered in corridors … Continue reading fiction: a matter of time

five minute sci fi stories

My first book, a collection of short stories called 'five minute sci-fi stories', is now out on Amazon. Each story only takes five minutes to read, so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime. From genetic lotteries and murderous felines to face transplants and dating your own clone - these bite sized pieces explore how we … Continue reading five minute sci fi stories

fiction: the gift of life

In a cold basement underneath a church on a busy inner city street, printers whirred and clanked turning simulated women into flesh and bones, into thoughts and desires - desires for unspeakable things, for acts drawn from the depths of worshippers' minds. The worshippers would never remember these thoughts. They could not have possibly come … Continue reading fiction: the gift of life