This comprehensive guide takes first-time entrepreneurs through every step of founding a life science company. ‘How to Start a Life Science Company’ covers all the business basics that we aren’t taught in science and engineering courses.

HOW TO START A LIFE SCIENCE COMPANY (1)This book is based on interviews with hundreds of life science entrepreneurs and offers a blueprint of how a clinician, scientist, engineer or student could found a successful life science company. It runs through how to decide whether your science can be commercialized, intellectual property protection, regulatory hurdles, how to find the right co-founders, how and when to incorporate, how to write product development, marketing and business plans, and how to pitch to investors.

If you want to found a biotech, medtech, digital health or healthcare company, this book will give you the basics you need and give you templates on how to structure your company, write your product development plan, marketing plan and pitch deck.

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What Amazon customers are saying about this book:

It is an excellent introduction to first time entrepreneurs or prospective ones. If you are a phd/ postdoc with absolutely no idea about terms and concepts related to life sciences startups this book is your friend. It also lists several resources that you can use as well.
Very insightful and well written (to the point and no fancy words).” Dolonchapa Chakraborty, Amazon

“Starting a business is rarely easy in any industry, but it’s much more complicated in the life sciences. Leah’s book answers questions you didn’t even know you had! It’s a great starting place for the budding entrepreneur. It will overwhelm you with what you’ll need to do to get started, but also provide you with resources and starting points. It’s terrific!” Gotham Living, Amazon

“Leah’s background as a scientist with a passion for entrepreneurship really shines through in this book. Everything is researched in detail and it comprehensively covers Life Science startups in the current era. A must have for a new entrepreneur!” Linda L, Amazon



Genes, aliens, zoos, dragons, time travel, murder & revenge. It’s all here in these 25 short science fiction stories. If you love to read but don’t always have time to finish a long story, this is the collection for you. You can read this series anywhere and anytime. Whether you are an avid sci-fi fan or new to the genre, there is something for everyone in these tales.

five minute science fictionFrom genetic lotteries and murderous felines to face transplants and dating your own clone, these bite-sized pieces explore how we use our scientific knowledge to change ourselves and the universe around us. This collection of tales comes straight from the mind of veterinarian and scientist Leah Cannon, so unsurprisingly, they are about science, animals and what it means to be human.

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What Amazon customers are saying about this book: 
“Leah Cannon is a rare hybrid: a trained scientist and researcher with a talent for storytelling. Her stories are well researched and always believable. Definitely in the same class as Arthur C. Clark.” Nick Prudent, Amazon Canada

“Love the clever creativeness! What a great read “ Sam Kim, Amazon

“Five minute Sci Fi is the perfect companion for train trips, hairdressers, doctor appointment waiting rooms Etc thought-provoking, amusing and very well written.” Hola Kristy, Amazon

“Really different and a fascinating view of everyday life.” Amazon customer, Amazon Australia


astridsmith (1)NEVER GROW OLD

If you had the chance to give your child a life free from death and disease, but it meant you would never get to see her again, would you do it?

‘never grow old’ is a science fiction novelette written in the form of letters from a family desperately missing the child they gave away, a family not wanting to admit that perhaps they made a mistake.

It is a dystopian tale and a story about the decisions that societies and families make when trying to conquer the diseases that still plague us.

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