Leah CannonI have always been fascinated by science and have always loved animals. So I became an emergency veterinarian. I very much enjoyed fixing animals, but the pull to learn was too strong so I went back to university to do a PhD in molecular biology and then moved to sunny San Diego to become a postdoc scientist. In San Diego I researched how the genes in our heart change as we age. I also became part of the very strong life science startup scene in San Diego. The life science entrepreneurs in San Diego are wonderfully welcoming and willing to help young scientists learn about the business world.

For the past six years, I have worked as a strategic life science marketer and science writer, writing anything from academic papers to blog posts and email campaigns for startups, non-profit organisations and big life science companies.

I have turned thousands of hours of research and interviews with life science entrepreneurs into a comprehensive guide called ‘How to Start a Life Science Company‘ that takes first-time entrepreneurs through every step of founding a life science company. It covers all the business basics that we aren’t taught in science and engineering courses.

This book is based on interviews with hundreds of life science entrepreneurs and runs through how to decide whether your science can be commercialized, intellectual property protection, regulatory hurdles, how to find the right co-founders, how and when to incorporate, how to write product development, marketing and business plans, and how to pitch to investors.

I also write science fiction about how we might use discoveries to change ourselves and the world around us. My past life as a vet and a scientist is such a deep part of me that I can’t help but write about science and animals and what it means to be human. My style is more Gene Wolfe or Paolo Bacigalupi than space ships and tentacles.

My book ‘five minute science fiction‘ is a collection of short stories that you can read anywhere, anytime. From a virtual zoo coup to a murderous cat-dog team to a genetic black market behind a China Town food market, there is something for everyone in this collection of science-flavoured tales.

My latest story ‘never grow old‘ is a science fiction novelette written in the form of letters from a family desperately missing the child they gave away, a family refusing to lose control of their genes and their lives.

If you want to talk startups, science or science fiction, feel free to email me at leahcanscience@gmail.com, or connect on LinkedIn, twitter or Wattpad.

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