Facebook ad account deactivated, no support and no help

Facebook deactivated my ad account for no reason then refused to offer any help or support to resolve this issue.

This week I decided to make a Facebook author page. After doing so, I was invited to boost my posts and offered a $30 gift voucher towards the cost. I decided to do it and I chose a post announcing a new eBook out on Amazon (this is important for what happened next). My eBook was free on Amazon for 48 hours, so I thought this would be a good way to share it and maybe more people would download it.

Here is the post I chose to boost:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 09.08.09.png

I followed the prompts to set up a boosted post. I then received an email from Facebook Ads Team saying that my ad had been approved. Here is the email:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 09.10.52

But before the boosted post ran, I got a notification in my Facebook ad page saying that my account had been deactivated for policy violations and therefore no ads would run. There was a link beside the notification saying, ”If you believe this was a mistake, notify us.”

I notified Facebook, using that link, three times about this and each time the case was closed with no response and no assistance. (I’ve edited out my account number and case numbers). You can see that I was so angry by the third time that I misspelled ‘deactivation’ as ‘disactivation’.

facebbok ad deactivation


So I used the ‘report a problem’ link on my main Facebook page (again, I’ve blocked out the case numbers and a post from a friend in the background):

facebbok ad deactivation 2


The following day I received this notification from Facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 09.00.21.png

Therefore Facebook has indefinitely closed my ad account before I even started advertising without explaining why or offering any assistance to resolve this problem.

Looking online, this has happened to many other people.

At least there are many other avenues to try and share my books with the world. I am sharing this experience as a warning to any independent authors who are considering using Facebook ads. If you’ve experienced similar problems, or have had great success with Facebook ads, I would love to hear about it in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Facebook ad account deactivated, no support and no help

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  1. Their decision makes absolutely no sense. “We don’t support ads for your business model” usually means they don’t want to promote things that are bought elsewhere. i.e Amazon. But even that doesn’t make sense because you would still be *paying them* to run ads. Ugh!

    This is why I’ve never bothered with Facebook — tons of people on there, but it’s better to learn to do some marketing yourself on your own site, build a mailing list and do a launch like Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (https://www.amazon.com/Launch-Internet-Millionaires-Anything-Business-ebook/dp/B00KXIME8U/ref=sr_1_1_twi_kin_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512099209&sr=8-1&keywords=product+launch+formula).

    You’ll get better with every new book & you’ll develop a following, independently of Facebook, Google or Amazon. For example: wanna record an audio-book and sell it directly to your fans for on your site? No problem.

    Take care & keep fighting you way through, Leah!

  2. Re-reading your ad, a thought occurred to me — what if they only read the title + first few lines (TL/DR) & assumed you were selling a scam product to “Never Get Old”? Haha! Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me. A good test would be to start both title and first few lines with “New Science Fiction Book — What if you…”.

    I know what you think: “they’d have to be idiots!”, but what if your job was to read through hundreds of ads every day and approve/disapprove them? Personally, I’d just use a robot to alert me of scam things “anti-aging creams” & such. Then I’d have someone offshore double-check the robot code decision. Low cost & fast.

    Also, often, the human double-checking isn’t in North-America (got a lady on the phone the other day claiming to be named Nancy but w/ a thick Indian accent, LOL!), so the cultural difference between a book and a service/cream/product may be totally lost on them.

    Try my experiment & let me know what occurs.

    1. Hey Nick – yeah good point about the potential anti-ageing scam. I doubt real people actually read through these ads. It has to be bots, right? I mean they would be dealing with hundreds of thousands of ads a day, wouldn’t they? So maybe a bot did presume it was an anti-ageing scam. But then you would hope that it was a real person who reviewed the complaint about closing my account and that that person would at least read the whole ad. Anyway, obviously no Facebook advertising for me. Maybe this is the universe telling me not to advertise. I mean no one likes ads.

  3. Facebook has far more users that could possibly be policed by humans. Therefore it uses AI to police members. It is a massive experiment in AI and the flaw in it is that there is no appeal to a human judge. It should be a dire warning as to what could happen with automated law enforcement if there is no route to appeals.

    Also, it collects telephone numbers. Each live telephone number is worth $0.50 to marketers. As far as I know it has never sold its telephone numbers to marketers – yet.

    It is free to users in monetary terms, but the data it collects is valuable. Fortunately it is not compulsory to use it, but it is worrying when national broadcasters or supposedly independent bodies such as consumers’ associations start communicating with their users via Facebook pages that require registration. These bodies or agencies are supposed to be independent of commercial organisations. In the UK particularly the BBC has strict rules in its charter not to advertise.

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