five minute sci fi stories

five minute sci fi storiesMy first book, a collection of short stories called ‘five minute sci-fi stories’, is now out on Amazon.

Each story only takes five minutes to read, so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime.

From genetic lotteries and murderous felines to face transplants and dating your own clone – these bite sized pieces explore how we use our scientific knowledge to change ourselves and the universe around us. I was once a veterinarian and a scientist, so unsurprisingly, they are about science, animals and what it means to be human.

While each story can be enjoyed as a stand alone tale, ‘virtually obsolete’ and ‘russian roulette’ are linked. The last three stories – ‘we’ll all be immortal’, ‘you will never grow old’ and ‘Harnessing DNA for Long-Term Memory Storage’ – are also linked and come from the upcoming novella ‘Immortal Mistakes’.

You can find the book here.

Let me know what you think

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