Jonathan Maberry’s Writing Maxims

Jonathan Maberry. Photo by by Sam Westmensch via Wikimedia Commons
Jonathan Maberry. Photo by by Sam Westmensch via Wikimedia Commons

Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best selling, multi award winning novelist. He is also an editor, comic book writer, playwright, writing teacher and lecturer. Yet somehow, he managed to find time to present at the SDSU Writers’ Conference last weekend. He was very entertaining and offered really useful advice. Here are my top 10 favourite Jonathan-isms from the weekend: 

1. Writers should help other writers – helping another writer doesn’t mean they’ll take your ‘spot’.

2. Writers should never judge other writers, we’re all in this game together. Whether you’re a brand new writer or a New York Times bestseller, you’re still a writer.

3. Get out of your own way. Don’t let the mythology of great writers stop you being a good writer.

4. A writer writes, beyond that you shouldn’t define what you can and can’t do or you’ll miss out on opportunities. Be open to all genres.

5. Anytime you write in a genre, read that genre.

6. Take rejection like a slap on the back pushing you forward. Use it to spur you on.

7. Finish the book. Every first draft is written on instinct. Craft polishes this. Don’t be discouraged by your first draft.

8. Make sure you steal useful information whenever you can.

9. Get to know librarians – they are your biggest allies and a massive force.

10. If you write a monster story and focus on the monster, you’ve missed the point

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